Lauren Brotsky – Artistic Director

Lauren has received training from several acclaimed ballet, jazz, and Irish dance instructors, including Peter Frame, Jiri Sebastian Voborsky, Kevin Alan, Daniel Simmons, David Howard, Maxine Olsen, Lester Holmes, Ross Brierton, Ilona Kessell, Janie Parker, Tamara Buel, Ronnie De Marco, Kate Trammell, Oscar Rousseaux, Heather Hawk, Joni Cantrell-Prince, Valery Lantratov, Emily Barry Bodah, Kathy Thibodeaux, Tamara Flores, Daniel R. Simmons, Sabrina Gidley, and Cristina Maciel.

She began her dancing at age 6 with Tamera Buel and continued her training at the River City Youth Ballet where she also instructed during college.

In 2005, Lauren attended the Royal Academy of Dancing Summer School.  In 2006 she studied at Ballet Magnificat!’s School of the Arts, and from 2007-2012 she completed Ballet Magnificat!’s teacher practicum.

She is a member of the American Academy of Ballet where she participated in the Performance Awards receiving a gold with distinction on all levels that she performed. Lauren studied for her Royal Academy of Dancing exam during her senior year of high school and passed with Merit. She remains a member of RAD and strongly advocates RAD training.

With a desire to see pre-professional, accredited training taught in a Christ centered atmosphere, she founded The Macholah Ballet, in 2002.  She now works to help other churches in the area supplement their ministries to include ballet and worship dance, and desires to glorify God with her own dancing and instruction.

Lauren and her husband Matthew reside in Barboursville.