• Non-refundable $20 registration fee due at time of enrollment (per student).


  • Due on the 1st class of each month.
  • Monthly payments are delinquent if not paid by the 15th of each month.
  • Delinquent accounts will be assessed a $15 late fee after the due date.
  • Accounts must have a $0.00 balance before the student may participate in any school performance or before a costume can be given in May.

Recital/Costume Fees

  • Non-refundable
  • Due the first week of November
  • $55 per costume


  • When a student wishes to withdrawal from classes, a teacher must be notified and the withdrawal process can be completed when all outstanding tuition and fees are paid in full.

Arrivals and Departures

  • Students must be picked up promptly after class. We cannot be responsible for children after class time. For your child’s safety, please arrange for prompt pickup.
  • Students are not allowed in the studio until invited by their instructor.
  • We expect our students to be prompt for class. A student who is more than 10 minutes late should wait quietly, without interrupting the class, for the instructor to acknowledge them. Since a student who misses the first few exercise of class runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up, the instructor will decide whether it is safe for the student to participate. The student might be asked to watch the class.

Class Etiquette

  • Students must be dressed and hair properly prepared prior to entering class.
  • Restrooms trips should be completed prior to class times.
  • It is not the instructor’s responsibility to search the restrooms and hallways for the students.
  • Do not enter the classroom without instructor’s permission.
  • No hanging on the barres.
  • Receive permission from the instructor prior to leaving the class.
  • DO NOT INTERRUPT CLASS. Interruptions interfere with the training of the students.

Special Activities

  • Funny Bun Week (October)
  • Recital Reveal Month (November)
  • Christmas Spirit Week (December)
  • Love to Dance Coloring Contest & Valentine Exchange (February)
  • Dancers On Vacation Summer Series (June-August)


The Macholah Ballet follows Putnam County school closings for WEATHER and MAJOR HOLIDAYS only. 

If school is closed due to weather, there will not be class that day. It is for the safety of students that we follow school closings. When we try to attempt classes during a school cancellation, it creates confusion in future situations.

If there is a 2 hour delay due to weather, we will still have classes, but check our Facebook page for updates. Sometimes weather will either get progressively better or worse as the evening continues.

If there is an early out due to weather, we will still have classes, but check our Facebook page for updates. Sometimes weather will either get progressively better or worse as the evening continues.

Either way, students will be notified by NOON, 12pm via email and social media (Facebook and Instagram, specifically).

Make up classes will always be scheduled, typically as soon as the weather becomes more reliable.

If a student is unable to make it to classes due to personal reasons, please contact your teacher and schedule a make up class.

The Macholah Ballet is only closed THREE TIMES PER SEASON: Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. All other school-observed holidays are dancing days for us.

  • November 23rd-27th, 2020 — Thanksgiving Break 
  •  December 20th, 2020-January 3rd, 2021 — Christmas Break

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