A curriculum for both the Lower and Upper schools is used to maintain a level of consistency in training and excellence. This establishes a strong foundation in which to build the dancer year by year in preparation for our Junior & Senior Company Program.


Our Lower School provides instruction specifically tailored to the special needs of young developing students ages 2-11. Students learn through the use of the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum which, with gentle discipline and encouragement, builds a solid foundation of ballet technique. Students are made aware that movement is a gift from God and that it can be used to bring Him joy. ***Class placement for Lower School is according to age.***  


Baby Ballet {age 2-3}

Students must be 2 years old by September 1st. 30 minute class once a week. We focus on creative movement which builds on the necessary gross motor skills needed for primary dance instruction. We use fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination. Students will engage in dramatic music movement and learn introductory ballet steps. These include plies, tendu, releve, arabesque, the positions of the feet, and other introductory dance steps.

Pre-Ballet/ Tap {age 4}

Students must be 4 years old by September 1st. 1 hour class once a week. The class is divided into two parts. Our Pre-Ballet classes are introduced to gentle stretching exercises, learning to balance, group formations (circle, lines, diagonal). Ballet terminology and classroom etiquette are continued.  The second part is an introduction to Tap, where students will learn the difference between heel and toe sounds, with emphasis on counting and rhythm. Students will need both tap and ballet shoes.

BALLET 1 {ages 5-6}

Students must be 5 years old by September 1st. One hour class once a week. Ballet 1 students are introduced to barre work. The class session is now divided into two parts: barre work and center work. More stretching exercises are introduced as well as petit allegro (small jumps/footwork).

BALLET 2 {ages 7-8}

Students must be 7 years old by September 1st. One hour class once a week. Students in Ballet 2 continue to work with barre and center work and are introduced to various types of turns. The foot and arm positions of ballet are reinforced. Petit allegro, stretching and free movement are continued.

BALLET 3 {ages 8-9}

Students must be 8 years old by September 1st. One hour class once a week. This is a full year for the Ballet 3 student. Dancers are learning all of the ‘connecting’ steps which combine the basic ballet steps together to make a combination. Students are also incorporating balances on one leg instead of two and are becoming more advanced in their turns.

BALLET 4 {ages 9-11}

Students must be 9 years old by September 1st. One hour class once a week. Dancers are incorporating much more intricate combinations with steps executed on one leg as well as a focus on adagios (slow, continuous movement) and grande allegro (big leaps and jumps). Foot strengthening exercise are introduced as students prepare for pre-pointe work.


Our Upper School consists of students ages 11 and up. To help each student develop to their fullest potential as a dancer, students are placed according to their physical ability, level of commitment, attitude and technical achievement. Based on these factors, a student may be moved up or down a level during the year. Advancement in the Upper School is based solely upon technical ability, not age or number of years in a level. Parents should encourage students to commit themselves to the discipline involved in the art of ballet. Class structure is a blend of Royal Academy of Dance and Ballet Magnificat! curriculum.

BALLET 5 {ages 11-13} 

1 hour class once a week. This Pre-Pointe class is all about foot and ankle strengthening as well as balance in all positions. Students get their pointe shoes at the beginning of the second semester (over Christmas break).


1 hour classes once a week. Gentle stretching and leg strengthening are incorporated at the beginning of class. Simple barre and center work with an emphasis on fluidity and posture is encouraged. Recital participation is optional and comfy clothes are encouraged!

Junior and Senior Company Program

The Company program is for dancers ages 12 and up. A limited number of spaces are available. The Macholah Ballet Company will have separate rehearsals after their classes and will share their gift of worship to the community and to area churches. This is an exciting way to present the gospel!

Jr. Company

By audition only. Must have at least two year dance experience and one year of pointe. The Jr. Company Program is a 2-3 year program.

Company Apprentice

By audition only. Must have participated in the Jr. Company Program for two years. New students must have at least four years dance experience and must audition. Company Apprentices participate for at least one year.

Sr. Company

By invitation only.


BEGINNING TAP  {ages 5-7}


One hour class once a week. Older beginner tappers are encouraged to join and learn something new. Younger tappers are encouraged to take their knowledge farther. Students will learn to hear the rhythm, and dance in unison with their classmates.

ADVANCED TAP {ages 12+}

Students must be 12 years old by Sept 1st and have two years of tap experience. One hour class once a week. Students will learn to move faster and have cleaner sounds, as well as different tap styles.


Lyrical is hybrid of ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles. It encompasses all these styles and interprets the lyrics of songs (in this case worship music) to tell a story with dance. Student must have 1-2 years ballet experience.



ADVANCED LYRICAL {ages 12 and up}




BEGINNING  JAZZ {ages 6-8}


ADVANCED JAZZ {ages 12 and up}

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