About Us

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The Macholah Ballet was founded in 2002 with a desire to train dancers in a Christ centered environment using accredited curriculum. It is a place that puts the Lord Jesus Christ first in our artistic and dance training.

Our desire is:

  • To present the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of dance
  • To help in the restoration of dance as a worshipful part of life in the Church
  • To provide a visual and artistic witness to the arts community as a whole and the dance community in particular. It is appropriate that the Christian artists of proven quality and respected abilities take a strong, prominent and non-compromising Biblical stand.
  • To provide Christ centered dance training for students with professional, accredited curriculum.

The Macholah Ballet is a proud affiliate of The American Academy of Ballet and the Royal Academy of Dancing.

All contributions to The Macholah Ballet, Inc. , a nonprofit full-time ministry, classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible.